The Red Bunny

The Red Bunny is a New York based Artist. The Red Bunny paints life size women in watercolors.

Artist Statement

A woman’s body lies at the juncture of empowerment and objectification. To capture that ambivalence in layers of paints is like walking on the tightrope of stiletto heels or sliding down the slope of freshly shaven legs, always on the razor’s edge of sexuality. From the stereotyped pin-ups of the 50s to the ubiquitous fashion set, is that raw seduction just a reflection of women’s most powerful weakness? Is a cheeky derriere the ramification of carnal desire or a woman walking away from the prison of aesthetics? Maybe the world should turn upside down, reverse roles and let objects tell the stories behind the curves. Let them take the center stage of the photo shoot for a moment. And maybe finally women would be freed from the burden of their sexuality.

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